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Angela’s Priorities

for Michigan House of Representatives 71st District

I embrace the diversity of the 71st House District. From farm lands to freeways and small towns to business centers, our community represents the very best of Michigan. Strong representation for all requires the experience, civility and knowledge that I will bring to the state House.



I grew up in a farming family and appreciate the vital role that agriculture plays in Eaton County. Protecting farmers and promoting generations of family farms throughout the 71st District will remain a top priority for me.

I recognize that family farms are some of the best run businesses in the county and across Michigan. As the second most agriculturally diverse state in the U.S., Michigan must continue to protect our family farms. I look forward to partnering with Eaton County farmers to help them prosper as they work tirelessly to feed Michiganders, provide jobs and preserve our green spaces.



Business, especially small business, is the lifeblood of any community. The 71st House District enjoys a range of job providers representing manufacturing, insurance, health care, finance, education, retail, construction government, and food service.

As a small business owner, I know firsthand the importance of a favorable economic climate to attract job providers and retain talent. I pledge to remain vigilant in advocating for businesses throughout the 71st District. I will fight against burdensome taxes and senseless regulations while pursuing business access to capital and sufficient talent to fill job vacancies.

I will serve as a friend to business so that our community prospers and our children choose to remain here for good-paying jobs.



“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

I believe in the power of many to produce amazing results. While opinions often differ, I search out common ground to create solutions. There are many issues facing the residents of our district, and all vary in importance depending on its direct impact on those affected. My duty will be to find answers and help you with problems in my capacity as a state legislator.

I also believe in the art of listening. I pledge to all the people of the 71st House District to listen to your concerns, research solutions and serve as your voice at the state Capitol.



I passionately advocate for excellence in education for our children. It is our duty to equip them for the best possible future. To that end, I have worked tirelessly to guarantee that every child has full access to quality education and are equipped for success for all of their future pursuits.

Our community provides a variety of exceptional educational opportunities from pre-K through college and the skilled trades. Collaboration between committed educators, school administrators, business and government provide a strong foundation for our children.

As an elected school board member, I have demonstrated experience with the broad spectrum of issues impacting our schools and students today. In this role, I have had the honor to serve as a financial steward, advocate for and against legislation, and negotiate fair and equitable contracts.

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